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Saturday Science School

Our Vision

Saturday Science School has focused its efforts on school children. If groomed at proper age, children will become an asset to our nation. In contrast to the didactic learning, we have emphasized on Experiential science learning. Hands-on science activities help children explore science at their own pace. They prove some hypotheses through experiments and their results. This develops many qualities in children, like, curiosity, observational skills, analytical approach, problem solving techniques, scientific temperament, creativity, patience etc.A survey shows that children at age of 10 spend over 30 hours a week watching TV, internet or handling mobiles. It means by the time they reach their 8th grade, they would have spent 5000 hours in wasteful activities. This is more than it takes to obtain a bachelor’s degree.Our attempt is to give children science activities to engage them intellectually and physically. The goal is not necessarily to create scientists, but to create civilized Indians, who apply their brain to the problems and use scientific approach to find their solution.

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In contrast to didactic learning Sunday Science School (SSS) emphasizes on experiential science learning.


Qualities like curiosity, observation, analytical approach.