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Swimming Pool

Kids Playing Equuipments

Knowledge of Swimming is necessary for everybody as it includes life saving, life guarding and aquatic sports. It is also very good for maintaining physical fitness DDIS VARANASI is providing the swimming pool for children. Swimming is a wholesome exercise that helps cultivate the right stamina for a healthy person. Swimming, at DDIS VARANASI, is included as a subject in the time-table. The pool is for the little ones, up to class three, to rid them of the aquatic fear. The swimming classes are guided and supervised by swimming coaches – ladies and gentlemen. Excellent and hygienic water standards at the pool are maintained by way of maintenance of the pools by highly qualified and capable agencies.

Cricket Coaching

What We Offer

DDIS VARANASI:- We intend picking up few of the boys from schools and hopefully the ‘best’ and ‘most talented’ can possibly represent the country , thereafter sky is the limit. Individual coaching sessions can be arranged with Expert cricket coach, individual for most talented student .

Professional Equipment:

1.From cricket bats to batting gloves, from batting helmets to wickets keeping gloves, whatever is the need
2.we also provide NET PRACTICE, in cemented pitched
3. video analysis sessions of individuals keep happening from time to time in order to teach the boys the finer points of the game .


Basket Ball




All Indoor Games

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